Knowledge about Crypto

First Crypto Bitcoin came out 2008, in the beginning used in internet games only. Little by little became more accepted. Today can be used in aprox 16 000 areas. It has not been able to use Bitcoin for shopping due to the long time of transaction. (16 sec) and can not handle a big amount of transactions at the same time.

Today we have around 2000 enterprises producing Crypto. There is around 60 000 access points that accept crypto as a mean for shopping.


What is the difference between Crypto and normal money?

Apart of both being consider as value for exchange of goods. There is a big difference in terms of corruption. "Normal money" also called FIAT money is under control of a govermant or an enterprise. Since goverment and business tend to listen to the people and bend in the direcction to please the people. There is a high risk for people to be people. People help their friends, it is human. That is corruption on higher levels. 

There is also a money called Stable coint, that is similar as FIAT money it digital currency still under a goverment or private company or similar. 

Crypto is completly different, it is a blockchange, totaly open to the public, and can be controlled and is controlled all the time by computers and entities. Thats why Crypto can not be corrupted. 



Is produced by and enterprise called Cryptix, was released november 2021. Is now spread and used in the eWallet ecosystem. Will be finished when 63 billion eCredits are produced. 

Used to be minded now they are produced by a method called STAKING, which make the production faster. 

It is posible to buy and trade with eCredits as well as shop with eCredits in the eWallet, where there is a function that transform the eCredits or other CryptoCurrency to Euro and the transaction is frozen the moment the shopping occures. Thats why it is possible to use it for shopping. 

eCredits can be used custom to merchant, custom to other custom by sending a transaction from ewallet to ewallet or between merchant to merchant. 


eCredits/Hannika Oberg | Alla rättigheter reserverade 2022
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