No Corruption possible

SCE - Societas Cooperativa Europaea  

DGO - DeCentrally Governed organisation

Money wasn´t allowed to develop

Office in LuxenbourghThe man who is considered to be all you can be of knowledge of its kind mr Friedrich Hayek is explaning in a simple form why and why not. Press here

more info here

SCE, is a legal form of entities that is used to easier connect different entities, enterprises and laws in Europe. This was established for easier unite EU.


Brand: eCredits

Governed by: The people´s SCE and stand for an eco system

Applications in eco system; eWallet App, ECS, eActivity, third part service

eCredits: Community and activities within the cryptocurrency and the usage of its function and reward system.

Possible Reward: eActivity, eCredits, eCashback, Smart contract....

Loyal shopping community

People shop everyday, so what about if you help people get some money back when they shop things they will shop anyway. 

Give away free cards: Customer

Be part of network and learn by mentors and top leaders: For free

Benefit of free: eActivity when shopping

A video say more: Press here

The peoples currency: The people steer the eCredits system, by everyone having a vote.

eCredits/Hannika Oberg | Alla rättigheter reserverade 2022
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